Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Apartment

Ben and I are slowly getting furniture into our apartment... we decided to go with the "basics" first and got a bed and couch.  

When I first arrived, we unpacked everything... and put it all away... and slowly we formed a landfill in our dining room.  

But we finally got our "act" together and bought more furniture.  Instead of using a box for a "coffee table" we bought a coffee table!  BTW, I LOVE IKEA.  Inexpensive, but decent furniture.  We had a furniture putting-together party.... where I made dinner and Ben and his friends put together the furniture.  Need to get things done around the house?  Provide Navy sailors with free beer and a homemade dinner and whala!  The furniture was all put together!!!

Thanks to Ben's Navy friends... and my home-cooking!

We're working on getting a bigger TV...

Such a comfy couch!

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