Saturday, August 21, 2010

Date Night

So Ben and I decided to have a "Date Night" once a week.  Last night we went to a wine tasting at Wine Styles.  It was our first wine tasting and was very interesting!  If you've never been to a wine tasting, they give you a print-out of all the wines you are going to try with a little explanation.  Ben and I got a kick out of some of the word choices used to describe the wines. (Like "silky")
They had a "food and wine pairing" for one of the wines.  We loved the wine, even bought a bottle, and loved the pasta.  The pasta was so simple and I can't wait to re-create it!  It was pasta with asparagus, arugula, and goat cheese.  I think it would be extra yummy with pine nuts.  It was amazing how well the wine brought out the goat cheese in the pasta!!

Wine Styles has a "Wine Club" that Ben and I are considering joining.  It's a $35 membership fee once a month.  You get 2 complimentary wines every month, a wine magazine, 10% off all wines, and $5 off all events at the store.  We shall see.... I have yet to find any brands in the wine store that I recognize... would could be good and actually broaden my horizon on wines.

We then went out to dinner at a little cafe next door called Chance Bistro. I was skeptical at first because we were the only ones at the restaurant.... but decided to go for it... as Ben pointed out we would get very good service being the only customers.  It ended up being very good!  Homemade Sangria and gourmet Mexican food.  We got the crab-cakes for an appetizer.  They were a little spicy and had a citrusy taste to it we couldn't quite decide what it was but complimented the dish really well!  I got the vegetarian enchiladas - spinach, tomatoes, and portobello mushrooms, covered in a creamy jalapeño cheese sauce.  Ben got ahi tuna tacos.  Also very good!!!  Think we found another "keeper."

All-in-all, our Date Night was a success!  Think next time we will try and "branch-out" and try a different cuisine other than Mexican.... thinking Indian or Chinese food!  If you're from the area, please throw out some suggestions!

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  1. i love winestyles! i wish ours served pasta!

    sounds like a fun date night!