Friday, August 27, 2010


So Ben and I have an adopted cat named Lucy... she originally was my sister's cat by unfortunately they had to give her up.  Lucy didn't get along with her fiance's dog Chase... so this is how we got Lucy.  I love animals, especially dogs and cats and adopting Lucy seemed like a good idea.... since 1) Lucy would stay in the family 2) Lucy already knew me 3) It would be nice to have a companion while Ben was at work =)

Lucy is a very interesting cat.  She only drinks water out of the toilet.  We think she thinks she's a dog....  Well, I really didn't want her to keep up this habit, as I was worried we would come home to find she had fallen in!  And Ben, not being used to the odd quirks of Lucy, kept forgetting to leave the bathroom door open for her.  So we asked the vet at PetSmart if she had any suggestions.  We got Lucy a water fountain.... yep, our cat has her own water fountain.  And she uses it!  Best $25 spent on her!

Lucy is a bit antisocial when she is upset at us.  We bought her a collar and an ID.  She's not too thrilled with us and spends a lot of time in our closets.  Her favorite spot is in Ben's closet.... on top of his clothes.  I tried to force her to be "social" and blocked all the closets.  Her solution?  To hang out on top of our fridge!

Amusingly enough, she is VERY social if we stick her  nose in her catnip toys.  Then she plays and cuddles with us.... or spends an hour staring at her reflection in the window!  Lucy very much likes her catnip toys.

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