Thursday, December 23, 2010

San Diego + Rain = ...

For the past 2 days it has 
in San Diego.  

Rain and San Diegans don't get along.
  Because we got about 5 inches of rain
 the city essentially shut down.

How did I spend my time indoors?

Finished 2 books

Used my Dutch Oven for the first time

To make a very yummy Red Wine Pot Roast

And of course....
 Hung out with Sierra 

Sierra is a true San Diegan & hates the rain.
It is a battle to get her to go 
outside to go potty.

This is how she acts after spending 
3 minutes outside in the rain.

She apparently thinks she has hands 
and tries to catch her toys with her paws.


Sierra "died" in the process

Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Old Soul....

I have come to the conclusion
I must have an
 Old Soul."

In an effort to make friends.... 
I have joined various groups and organizations.... 
I am definitely the only one under the age of 40!

I guess my hobbies aren't popular among my age group... 

Who knew?

Any ideas on some new hobbies... 
where I will find friends my age???

I have tried...


And last but not least...

at our local church

Funny story about volunteering at PAWS
a local animal rescue organization....

At the last meeting of the board and volunteers... 
I introduced them to the concept of using email 
for newsletters instead of snail-mail... 
And to using a list-serve to organize 
their different email lists. 

 I semi was "shut-downbecause they're not yet 
ready to be that advanced.

I miss your organization!

A California Christmas

Here is our lovely Christmas Tree.
Can you see our "stockings?"

San Diego in December....
Blue skies... 
It's tough living in "paradise." 

By The Way
Californians wear winter jackets, glovesscarves, and Ugg boots.... When it falls below 
70 degrees.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcome to the Navy...

About a month ago I came home from work
 to my husband telling me he was going on a
two week work-up in about 12 hours.  

Positive: It was only for 2 weeks.
Negative: We literally found out 12 hours before he left.

Now, three of our closest friends are in Guam... 
for the next three years.  


PS.  I am not allowed  to access Wikileaks 
because my husband 
is in the Navy....