Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chapter 1: How I ended up in California + My First Week as a Navy Wife

So my friend Kelly, who moved to England with her husband, suggested I start a blog, considering I am currently unemployed and am looking for something to do other than cooking and cleaning.  Here's her blog (and my inspiration, thanks Kelly!)

How did I end up in California... a state I have been to only 2x prior to my move?  My husband (Whom I married on August 7) is in the Navy and is finishing his training at the NAS on Coronado Island.  \
Here's a few pictures from the wedding:
Me and my Sisters
So I really wanted my niece, Brielle as my Flowergirl... hence why she is holding Elmo =)
Ben received an "order" to dip me... on every step!!
So the Monday after our wedding, my sister and I road-tripped it from Chicago to California.  It was suggested to us to take the "Southern Route" to avoid the Rocky Mountains in Colorado..... no one told us there were mountains along the Southern Route as well.  Nice surprise for us, considering we're used to flat, Midwestern driving!  But we survived, thanks to my IPOD, books on tape, and very nicely priced hotels.... thanks to the military discount... (Thanks husband!).  We made it in 2 1/2 days.  Sadly, my sister had to fly out the next morning, though we were able to show her a little bit of Downtown Coronado and the Naval base.  

Now I have been in California for about a week and finally have internet, so I can actually write in my blog!  We finally have furniture: bed, very comfy couch, coffee table, TV stand, nightstands... and LAMPS!  Of course we set-up the kitchen first and I have been cooking away (I tend to cook when I'm bored or stressed).  I'm still learning to cook for only 2 people.... we either tend to have a lot of leftovers, or I end up inviting Ben's Navy friends for dinner.  Don't think they mind. =)

Found an new favorite recipe.... chicken breasts stuffed with garlic cheese spread and spinach!  A little messy to prepare but so easy and yummy!  We have also found an awesome Mexican Restaurant that we will definitely frequent a lot: Cafe Coyote on Old Town (San Diego).  Homemade Mexican food, huge Margaritas... and a line out the door for dinner.  Go with time to spare b/c of the line, but the wait is well worth the food! 


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I love the blog on this new chapter in your life. Glad you are doing so well!

    Ann Kimla

  2. yay amy I love that you are bloggin! Can't wait to see what life has in store for the two of you! Hope you are lovin married life so far. Tell Ben I said hi and don't let those navy boys eat all your food!