Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Here are some things I would like to accomplish this year

Change my name from Nemeth to Craig
Go to Pilates 3x/week
Travel to South Korea/ Go on a honeymoon
Do a cardio workout at least 2x/week
Get Sierra certified as a Therapy Dog
Go on a date with my hubby once a week

Here are some things on my "Bucket List"

Return to Uganda
Get my master's degree
Adopt a Pit Bull from Villalobos Rescue Center
Travel to Greece
Learn a new language
Travel to India
Use my master's degree to expand Invisible Conflicts
Travel to North Korea
Teach in a 3rd World Country

Become a teacher as dedicated and influential as my brother Josh.

2010: A Year in Review

This year has brought many changes to my life...

I started the year working at 
as a Parent-Teacher.  

Mooseheart is a residential facility for
 children from infancy through high schoolers.  
The children live in family-style homes 
arranged by gender and ages groups 
with 2-4 adults in each home.

I began working in New Jersey Home which housed 
middle school and high school girls.  
At any time I had up to 11 girls in my care

 To say the least, it was challenging.  

I learned a lot but realized that being a parent to 
11 teenage girls at the age of 24 
was not for me.  

I transfered to "Baby Village"

A group of homes designated for babies and toddlers.
I absolutely loved working with this age group!
I also got to work with my new friend Brittany.  
Here were some of my children...

 How could you not fall in love with these faces?

On August 7, 2010 I got married to 
Benjamin James Craig

The wedding was wonderful 
I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time 
at the reception too.

After Ben and I got married, 
I moved to Coronado, CA
And got an apartment at 
Coronado Bay Club Apartments

We acquired a cat, Lucy, from my sister

And adopted the cutest dog in the world, 
Sierra, a Pit Bull Mix

My family lost my brother (and my Godfather) 
Josh in September

At least we were able to find the 
"silver lining" in this tragedy....

We were able to learn what an amazing teacher
mentor, and friend he was to his students at 
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


I finally found a nanny job .... 
only to lose it when the father got released 
from the San Diego Chargers and
joined Jacksonville Jaguars.

for the first time

I survived my first "stint" of Ben being gone
He was gone for 15 days on a pre-deployment work-up.

I had my first visitor
Ms. Nikki Skells!

Ben and I hosted our First Thanksgiving
With special guests Mom (Peaches) Nemeth and Matt Nemeth

I attempted to find friends through


I ended the year in Chicago,
 spending time with my family for Christmas 
and celebrating the New Year at the Knickerbocker Hotel 
for my sister Meg's wedding

And I'm beginning 2011with a JOB!