Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's About Time...

Hello All,

It has been too long since I have last written. A lot has happened since January 2011...
  • We moved from Coronado, CA to Chula Vista, CA
  • I survived my first deployment.... with a few snags like 3 flat tires and a dead battery.... oh, and a school bus ran into my car....
  • I started Graduate school at the University of San Diego and am pursuing my master's degree in International Studies
  • Ben and I FINALLY went on a (semi) honeymoon, the weekend he came back from his deployment we went to Catalina Island for a few days
  • I am now officially Amy Craig (sorry high school friends, I am no longer "Nemeth")
  • I have a new niece!!! My brother and sister-in-law adopted a beautiful baby girl named Aubrey. She is the sweetest thing and absolutely perfect.
And last but not least....

Ben and I are pregnant!

 Baby Craig is due May 15, 2012!

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