Thursday, December 23, 2010

San Diego + Rain = ...

For the past 2 days it has 
in San Diego.  

Rain and San Diegans don't get along.
  Because we got about 5 inches of rain
 the city essentially shut down.

How did I spend my time indoors?

Finished 2 books

Used my Dutch Oven for the first time

To make a very yummy Red Wine Pot Roast

And of course....
 Hung out with Sierra 

Sierra is a true San Diegan & hates the rain.
It is a battle to get her to go 
outside to go potty.

This is how she acts after spending 
3 minutes outside in the rain.

She apparently thinks she has hands 
and tries to catch her toys with her paws.


Sierra "died" in the process

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