Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking for a New Hobby....

So I have been trying to find a hobby.... 
especially since afternoons/nights that Ben are flying are extremely boring.  
I have always wanted to try Yoga or Pilates 
so I Googled "Yoga, Coronado" and found a Center.  

Ben was flying last night until 7:30pm 
and there was a Pilates' Beginners class from 6:15 - 7:15pm.  

So I went!

I had no idea what to expect since I have never done a Pilates class.  
It was a mat class.  Lots of instructional-led stretching
 Knew most of the stretches/poses we did... but surprisingly, it really worked!
My abs definitely got a workout!  

I really liked the class!
Even though it was a beginner's class, 
the instructor always showed us some modifications to make it more challenging.  

I was pretty proud of myself... 
I was able to do all of the "harder" modifications
except for one.  

I plan on keeping up with Pilates and am looking into trying Yoga too. 
 There are 3 beginners' classes at this center... 
Iyengar Yoga, Flow Yoga, and Forest Yoga.  

Any suggestions?


  1. yay hobbies are good. pilates makes me hurt the next day!

  2. i love yoga! of the three you mentioned, i only know of yoga flow and i enjoy it! good luck & have fun!